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JCC Scholarship Recipient Interview with Kathy Bobeck

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Katherine Bobeck, First Year Student Interview

“I need money I should get a scholarship.” A few students in our department have been fortunate enough earn a scholarship for their studies. By talking to one of them, I learned more about them by a simple quiz. I found they also have a sense of humor. Here are the results from the first interview with Kathy Bobeck.

What made you choose Graphic Design/Fine Arts as a major, at Johnston Community College?

After 22 years of marriage & four kids later a house fire and the corporate cutbacks, I decided it was finally time to do what I have always wanted to do so here I am 44 and a freshman.

Are you enjoying your semester in Graphic Design/Fine Arts program at JCC?
I am absolutely loving it and learning a great deal.
If you could change anything about this department what would it be? 

To have a life drawing class. I have never had the good fortune to have someone pose for me, other than in a picture.

What do you prefer? Mark one





__x____All of the above

__x____Whatever will allow me to make something out of nothing.


All of the above, I mainly use sharpie and pastels the most. Right now have to relearn everything after a twenty year break from drawing.


The Thurmond Goins Question of the Day!

“My pen runs out of ink. We are in the most important speaker forum of our life. The person of my dreams is sitting next to me with a small pouch full of ink pens … would you advise me to…

A. Rip all my clothes off and run naked out of the lecture hall.

B. Lean over-real smooth, and obnoxiously yell “GOT NO INK BABE, CAN I GET SOME FROM YOU.”

C. Remembering how important your college career is with the quick thought of preparation you spent before class and little hesitation; grab the spare out of your bag.

D. Tell the speaker this is the art department slow down so I can visualize the letters forming words out of your mouth.

Kathy’s Answer: C












Interviewed by Thurmond Goins, JCC Graphic Design Student


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