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JCC Art Club participates in “Pennies for Peace”

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The Art Club will be participating in “Pennies for Peace” with the Global Education and Diversity Committee through the month of November!

We have decided to try and Fill Buddha with Pennies! This is our effort to collect as many pennies as we can to support this cause.

If you see Buddha on campus feel free to drop your pennies in (back of his head) and help out! Don’t forget to make a wish by rubbing his belly.

Additional Information:

Global Education and Diversity Committee

‘Pennies for Peace’ Wars

In a 2010 Gallup poll asking “What is the United States’ biggest problem?” war, terrorism and national security were all in the top 10.

Pennies for Peace is a fundraising program for the international charity, Central Asia Institute, which works in the very places where terrorism has taken root with impoverished and illiterate citizens in Afghanistan and Pakistan.  In the rural areas of these countries, not only is there a lack of education, particularly secular education, but girls are also strongly discouraged or are not allowed to attend school.  If girls are able to receive a balanced education, they are more likely to encourage their own children to be educated and to not be influenced into joining terrorist groups.

During the month of November, clubs, organizations, programs and committees at JCC are encouraged to take part in ‘Pennies for Peace’ Wars!

For further information about Pennies for Peace, please contact Heather Murphy.

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