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The JCC Black History Committee Presents:Eric McRay’s “Pulse: Pieces of Life”

“Papier Colle’ (Collages) Artist’s Statement”
As a 20th century technique, collage is considered one of the major innovations of Modern art.  Collage is an artist inserting pieces of the real world into a constructed one.

McRay adopts impromptu invention in the construction of his collages, which uses such materials as painted papers, photographic reproductions, snippets of photographs, scraps of fabric, elements from magazines, cut & torn paper, watermedia & acrylic paints.  The different materials of everyday existence are edited, sliced and reassembled into amazingly new images on paper, board or canvas.

These constructed worlds pull the viewer into a new reality.  In short, collage empowers McRay to push the boundaries that allow the real world to infiltrate a painting, dissolve the conventions that separate art & life, high art & popular culture.

“I see art as a journey, a march, an exploration. I don’t see it as a comfy Sunday afternoon endeavor”.

The Frank Creech Art Gallery
Johnston Community College
Show Dates: February 1–28

Opening: February 1, 2-4pm. Artist Eric McRay will have a gallery discussion at 3pm.

Evening Reception: February 10, 7 -9 pm.

For more information:
John Byrd